Lost Blue Heaven sells a wide range of hand picked vintage t-shirts; from music and culture, to art and design. We’re located
 in Manchester UK and offer shipping worldwide.

We've added some information below about our shirts, including some considerations when buying from us and helpful maintenance guidelines, please take a look carefully.



Every listing contains details of the individual garment, we always aim to be as accurate as possible, but of course vintage condition is also subjective. Check the description and photos carefully. With vintage clothing please don't expect perfection, and take this into consideration before you buy from us - we want you to love the t-shirts for what they are, and also avoid unnecessary returns.



Vintage t-shirt sizing can change over the years, what’s stated on the label is not always the case. Always check the measurements we’ve added on the individual shirt. We’ve included some images below of how we take ours, which you can then compare against your own t-shirts to find the best fit for you.

T-Shirt - Back to Hem size


Use a light, short, and cold washing cycle with little detergent.

Turn your t-shirts inside out, so graphics are always on the inside.

If you can, wash shirts on their own with a few towels in your washing machine, this will help cushion t-shirts against the drum.

Always allow shirts to dry naturally. 

It goes without saying, don't iron prints. Likewise,  use steamers on delicate settings.

If you need to, maintain any damage professionally.