Kraftwerk - 'The Man-Machine'  Capitol Records (E-ST 11728, 1978)

Iconic synth-pop forefathers, Kraftwerk, refined the finely-tuned mechanics of their sound on The Man-Machine, which would come to be seen as the group’s definitive project. Tight percussive elements are wrapped around rich analogue synth basses, coalescing into eminently danceable synth-pop anthems that would be the catalyst for an electro-revolution.

Recorded at a time when technological innovation was transforming modern life as well as music-making, The Man-Machine captures conflicting visions of the ever-accelerating computer age, in equal parts glamourous and sobering. Contrasted against the glitzy optimism of “The Model” are more sombre moments, such as the brooding “Metropolis”.

The album is imbued with a wry futurism; vocals are morphed into robotic, monotone slogans, ushering in an era of connection between human and machine, the benefits and costs of which were yet to be seen. However listeners interpret Kraftwerk's vision, The Man-Machine remains a must-listen cornerstone in the foundations of electronic music, the influence of which can still be heard today



Graded using the Goldmine Standard. Graded conservatively, cover and media in VG/VG+ bracket


Cover: VG
Media: VG+