Björk – 'Venus As A Boy'  One Little Indian (122 TP 7, 1993)
‘Venus As A Boy’ was the second single to be released from Björk’s much revered Debut, the innovative catalyst which kick-started one of music’s most esoteric and creatively rich solo careers.
Graceful strings adorn choruses of off-kilter percussion, constructing sonic landscapes that feel both unnerving and familiar, marking an experimental departure from Björk’s noise-tinged post-punk roots with the Sugarcubes. As ever, her vocal performance takes centre stage; guttural growls are paired with angelic whispers and intricate micro-inflections to form the instantly recognisable style that has spawned no end of would-be imitators.
A chart-topper in her native Iceland, ‘Venus As A Boy’ remains a stand-out cut from the staggeringly extensive and diverse catalogue that has secured Björk an unquestionable place in music’s nobility.


Graded using the Goldmine Standard. Graded conservatively, cover and media in VG+ bracket


Cover: VG+
Media: VG+